Invest, Trade, Own Resources, Generation Wealth in Ghana




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Whether you want to move back as a resident and create your own business or build rental property, this is the right time to invest in your homeland.



We have plenty  of land and is offering a huge opportunity to invest and create wealth and repatriate to the motherland. You can live your dream of home ownership and be amongst a fast growing repatriation of Africans from the Caribbeans, Brazil, Europe and the US who have discovered there's no place like home. The hot spot is on the coast of Accra, Ghana where the value of the land is going up as the repatriation increases.

Buyer is not required to travel but is welcomed. Land documents will be sent to purchaser when land is secured and the house will be fully furnished at the time of completion.  Your contact is located here in the U.S. (Atlanta, GA) and is also an investor in land on the coast of Accra, Ghana and always available.



Over 500 acers of farmland available to purchase.

Have your own cashew, cocoa or even shea butter farms on land rich in minerals that's being sought after by major countries. Don't allow this valuable resource slip away.

We find the land, clear it off, created the documents and get them signed, plant and manage your crop, pick them and sell them to market and you get paid directly into your account.


1) 17K - 20K or more to secure land

2)Choose your location. The coastal area is prime but going fast.

3) Determine the land size..(70 x 100), (80 x 100), (90 x100)ft

4)Determine the house size...1-story, 2-story, 3-story.

5) Land must be in-use prior to 5 years.

6)All houses & businesses are built with concrete blocks.

7)Houses come with marble floors.

8) Swimming pools and concrete fence are extra cost.

Note: A $250K house in Ghana costs $750K in U.S.

Houses above $250K (yellow),

800K (brick).