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28-Year-Old Black woman creates App that Lets You Take Back Text Messages

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28-Year-Old Creates App that Lets You Take Back Text Messages
This savvy millennial is a lifesaver with her new venture




Alpharetta/Johns Creek, GA number 1 in the country start a business

Monday, February 16, 2015

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"Black Power is also a call for the pooling of Black financial resources to achieve economic security. Through the pooling of such resources and the development of habits of thrift and techniques of wise investments, the Negro will be doing his share to grapple with his problem of economic deprivation. If Black Power means the development of this kind of strength within the Negro community, then it is a quest for basic, necessary, legitimate power."

-Dr. Martin Luther King


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This Black Entrepreneurs Tech Start-Up Could Disrupt the Entire Wireless Industry.

Black Business Network

The Black Business Network unites Black people to buy from Black-owned businesses consistently. Black people join the Black Business Network to find and support other Black-owned businesses and become a member to so you can be a part of a network of almost 55,000 people!

Black Trade Lines

The Black Trade, Commerce and Social Mobile Network
BlackTradeCircle A new way of empowering the economics of the black community using digital technology.

Our core mission is to bring about a rebirth, a new approach to black business, shading away what we know about business and reconnecting us with our past to communicate our future. The fundamental essence of this approach has been to focus on the core elements of our social consciousness, being entertainment, culture, community and economics.

ICE CREAM Conversations Serving Delicious Scoops of Entertainment!

Ice Cream Conversations serves delicious scoops of entertainment, celebrity news, music, fashion, reality TV, and more.

Be a Game Breaker and come here for your sporting needs!!

GameBreaker has been a project of Travis and Corey since 1999 when each sought to bring high quality apparel to the greater Atlanta metropolitan and suburban areas. The focus of GameBreaker is to help individuals understand that being a Gamebreaker goes above and beyond the physical aspect of sports. To be a GameBreaker, you must think about your internal wellbeing: it is a reflection of life including being spiritually, mentally, and physically strong. GameBreaker will bring community into their apparel business by highlighting student athletes, helping raise awareness on childhood obesity, and engaging children early and often in what it means to be a GameBreaker.

Get your "I Love Being Black" merchandise here.

This is a Black-owned, positive and necessary movement. Feel free to browse our apparel and share it with friends. Also check out our Facebook page with over 6 millon fans where we share news, images and uplifting content: https://facebook.com/lovebeingblack

Your List of Black banks.



ShavewiseTM is a Houston-based start-up geared toward consumers who suffer from shaving sensitive skin. The company's shaving system uses patent-pending Nano-Soothe TechnologyTM to eliminate shaving irritation, including swelling, itching, redness, ingrown hair, razor bumps, and dark spots associated with Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB).Shavewise also combined the disciplines of barbering and dermatology to launch an innovative PFB treatment service, the Shavewise Shave ClinicTM. The company is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and was founded by Greg Ward, a Harvard trained MBA and licensed barber with extensive expertise in treating PFB.

I Struck GOLD on the Gold Coast!!

Support Black Businesses!!

If you want to buy property in Ghana and invest in Africa which has the world fasting growing economy, email me @ SLewis5200@aol.com


Africa to take four out of 10 slots for fastest growing economies globally

"I for one believe that if you give people a thorough understanding of what confronts them and the basic causes that produce it, they'll create their own program, and when the people create a program, you get action." 

-Malcolm X


 "Who and where you spend your money is evidence who and where you love most"
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